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The Feldman & Associates staff is drawn from a diverse range of creative disciplines: photography, photo research, stock photo agencies, photo imaging, publishing, book development, graphic design, web design, advertising, information technology, academia, arts, theatre, and the media. Each Feldman employee came to photo research from his or her own unique direction. But all share a researcher's natural inquisitiveness and persistence, a photographer’s visual acumen and creativity, and excellent organizational, technical and communication skills…the makings of a great research and permissions person.
Judy Feldman,
Judy Feldman received her Bachelor of Science in Speech (Radio & TV) from the University of Illinois. She moved from video production to photo editorial work in 1982 and founded her own photo research company in 1984. Judy has been a featured speaker, panelist and moderator at numerous industry conferences for the American Society of Picture Professionals, the Picture Agency Council of America, PubTech and the Chicago Book Clinic. She has authored two children's books for Childrens Press, Alphabet in Nature and Shapes in Nature, which were placed on the "Best Children's Book" list of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Judy is a long-time member of the American Society of Picture Professionals and has served ASPP both as National Education Chair and President of ASPP’s Midwest Chapter. Judy currently serves as the representative of ASPP on the Board of Directors of the PLUS Coalition (Picture Licensing Universal System).
Roger Feldman,
Roger Feldman received his Master of Science in Marketing & Advertising from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He is a veteran of the Chicago advertising and design community and partner with his wife, Judy, in Feldman & Associates. Mr. Feldman brings in-depth knowledge of design, photography, graphic arts, production, and the computer technologies that support them. Along with his wife, Judy, he has for over ten years represented the American Society of Picture Professionals on the Board of Directors of the PLUS Coalition, and now serves as its Board Chairman.