Unmatched research capabilities Since 1984, Feldman & Associates has provided comprehensive photo, art, text, audio and video research, permissions, licensing and related image and archive management services to leading publishers, book and content developers nationwide.
Broad project experience Over the last 34 years, Feldman has been fortunate to work on more than 4,500 book, CD, Web, video, film, software, exhibit and advertising projects covering a broad range of subjects for K-12, college, consumer, technical and business audiences. Through this experience, the firm has developed widespread international contacts with stock photo houses, photographers, libraries, museums, governmental agencies, educators, video, film and digital media producers.
Powerful digital technology In the late 90s, Feldman pioneered the concept of providing photo submissions via a secure, password-protected website, and has invested in its continuing development ever since. Dynamically linked to our proprietary image management and permissions database, the Feldman website allows publishers, editors and designers to view content submissions and permissions information in a consistent, manageable electronic format from their desk, anywhere in the world.
Unique archive resources Through its website initiative, Feldman has built an online archive of more than 1,250,000 pre-researched images. Growing daily, the Feldman Archive is instantly searchable by our staff, providing a powerful time and cost saving research tool for both the firm and its clients.